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C'est La Vie

Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.

-- Brontë, Emily. Wuthering Heights. (via omgtiffanywtf)

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Anyway, you can’t leave her like that. You can’t do that to the woman. She doesn’t deserve it; nobody does. You don’t belong to her and she doesn’t belong to you, but you’re both part of each other; if she got up and left now and walked away and you never saw each other again for the rest of your lives, and you lived an ordinary waking life for another fifty years, even so on your deathbed you would still know she was part of you.

-- Iain Banks, “The Bridge” (via forever-and-alwayss)

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That’s the whole deal. That’s what intimacy is all about.

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Finn Jones (of Game of Thrones) on which female celebrity he’d like to come on the show.

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If you’re dating a fat girl and you feel like you have to keep her a secret because her weight is embarrassing, go ahead and break up with her

She deserves way better than you

  • me: wears pajamas
  • me: showers
  • me: changes into clean pajamas

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Lupita: The Disney princess I need.

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